Our objective

To build a territorial demonstrator, a workshop to upscale useful and efficient innovations in order to develop agroecology upstream, and the first transformation of agricultural products downstream.

Every day some entrepreneurs, engineers, farmers or searchers invent new way to produce. Through crop tests, low-techs or robotics, hundred of men and woman implement some solutions for a better and more respectful way to produce. These innovations can and must be shared to the greater number.


  • To rent laboratories and offices to develop an open innovation policy
  • To experiment and provide spaces for creative minds to make the proof of their concepts, evaluate the impacts and accompany the change.
  • To foster exchanges between the academic world and the productive sectors, particularly the farmers, and favor the share of searches and experiences.

The innovation pole will take place inside the EGER and BIOGER labs, in the Terres Innovia building as well as in the technological hall of the CBAI.


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