Natural areas

Our objective

To renovate the historical buildings in a low-carbon and low-energy way; to enhance the park as a pioneer on biodiversity regeneration.

Closed to the public since the 1999 Lothar storm, the park will once again be accessible to the greatest number. By foot or by bike, visitors could enjoy the 133ha of forest and the 120ha of farmlands and meadows, crossed by the Ru de Gally (a stream which source comes from the Great Channel of the Palace of Versailles).


The Thiverval and Grignon villages will therefore be connected without danger while taking advantage of the magnificient surroundings.

The park will be managed in the most ecological way, with an effort to conciliate its various uses (agriculture, science, pedagogy, leisure...) and its human and non-human inhabitants. A peculiar care will be assured to the great variety of its ecosystems, and to the respect and the development of the biodiversity which lives there.


Image below: © Ariane Lenhardt

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