Our objective

To create a training center on the ecological transition, for the decision makers (MBA of the Living) and the professionals (in-service training), and emphasize the work of the professionals of the living world among the general public.


The living can't nor must be managed like every other resource. The living systems are complex, sometimes unpredictable. From the farm to the forest or the food processing plant, new approaches and way of doing things can be transmitted in order to rethink our relations to the systems surrounding us.


  • Create a city of the transitions to inform about water, forest, living, agriculture and food to form our fellow citizens, young ones and old ones.
  • To develop a traing center of excellence on Agriulture, Food and Evironment.
  • To open the domaine to the public and to create a place of destination around our agriculture and food.


Photo credit: © Nicolas DUPREY / CD 78

The training pole will take place inside the Grands Labos, the Vanderwynckt and Dehérain pavilions, and in the director's house.


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