The International Center

AgroParisTech will leave in January 2023. We could set ourselves in the site once it's free, and launch the various activities one after another.

The four main funding sources are the hostel activity (with the seminaries and weekend stays), the labs rental, the residences rental and the training center (in-service training and executive MBA).

We want to make Grignon a place freely accessible to the public ! Everyone could get there (during opening times). One could roam the domaine by foot or by bicycle.

That's unlikely. Nonetheless, there's no lack of other places where you can party in Grignon !

We actually wish to maintain the festive spirit of all the generations who suceeded in Grignon. Our first major event will be to celebrate in 2026 the bicentenary of the creation of the Grignon Agricultural School !

Name one Agro who didn't think one day about getting married in Grignon ? For the one willing to do so, the castle and its domaine could be booked for weddings or class reunions !


Buste d'Auguste Bella dans le parc, cofondateur et premier directeur de l'Institution Royale Agronomique de 1828 à 1850.

Bust of Auguste Bella in the park, cofounder and first director of the Royal Agronomy Institute from 1828 to 1850.
Photo: © Pics


If you wish to bring us your knowledge, or to help us enrich this Center, you are welcome ! Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.