Our vision

Embrace the Living era

Our heritage at the service of the ecological transition

As a two century agronomical testimony, the Grignon campus must continue its vocation as a transmission and innovation place to cope with this century stakes - probably some of the biggest the humanity ever has to deal with. This is why we wish anew to make this campus a place with international influence, to show and demonstrate France capacities of action to mitigate climate change effects and to preserve our biodiversity.

Transmission, exchanges and mediation are key needs to go forward. In Grignon, we want to break down the "silos", and to offer a place where everyone can learn from everyone, a place where professionals, civil society and public authorities meet to set some common objectives and to agree on the means.

This international center will be at the service of an ecological planning which will ensure our food while respecting our environment.

An exceptional heritage

Former AgroParisTech school campus (formerly known as National Agronomic Institute Paris-Grignon or INA P-G), this ideally located estate blends historical listed buildings with modern research laboratories. Benefiting from vast natural areas (forests, meadows, river...), it makes it the perfect place to become a flagship for scientific, economic, social and citizen related innovation.

A coherent project

In accordance with the recommendations proposed by the AgroParisTech community, we have conceived a project with international influence, which ensure that the estate stays unified and coherent. What is at stake: to make Grignon a reference point for the ecological transition of our food and agriculture systems.

At the core of the territory

We work closely with the Thiverval-Grignon local authorities on this project, which foundations were co-built with the community of communes Cœur d'Yvelines in 2020 and 2021. On a bigger picture, we are in line with the works of the Association Patrimoniale Plaine de Versailles et Plateau des Alluets (local patrimonial association of the Versailles plain, link in French only).

Our objective: to build a public/private partnership at the service of the economical development and the international outreach of the territory

Photo header: © Hugo Noulin / Université Paris-Saclay Licence CC BY-NC 2.0