The living cannot and must not be managed like any other resource. Living systems are complex and sometimes unpredictable. From the farm to the forest to the agri-food factory, new approaches and ways of doing things can be passed on to help us rethink our relationship with the systems that surround us.

Our objective:

To present the last reflexions and knowledge available (fom the management to the technologies and methodologies of analysis), in order to make the trainees think and get them use to collaborate between them, with the means and methods of the in-service adult training. This will be with programmes specifically crafted in collaboration between the institutions and the operators. These programmes will be realised in residential on the campus, immerged in the "Grignon ecosystem".

Our targets:

The individuals "implied" into transitions, profesionals from the worlds of agriculture, forest and natural areas mangement, transformation industries, distribution industries, but also the journalists, the representatives, whether they are executive leaders or operators.

The training activities will take place in the Grand H. They allow to make the educational vocation of the campus a lasting one, and to pursue its place in the agricultural training. It also allows to install some executive training, and therefore make some top-ranking speakers coming to deliver their messages.

During their stay, executives and seminarists may rest in the hotel or in the residencies, and enjoy the rest of the estate.

Photo: © Francis Tack

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