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Domaine de Grignon: after the cancellation of the sale to a developer, reasons for hope for its defenders - Le Parisien

06 February 2024 Association
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Find out all about Domaine de Grignon in this article by Véronique Beaugrand for Le Parisien.

A look back at the Versailles court ruling and the fact-finding mission launched by the French government via the Ministries of Finance and Agriculture.

  • Now they're all waiting for the government's report. "It's been sent to the ministries and
    I'm happy with the solutions recommended," says Nadine Gohard, mayor of Thiverval-Grignon .
    sustainable development".

  • The inspectors have done a remarkable job, which gives us cause for hope," says,
    says Marlène Stickel, Grignon 2000's project manager. We know that
    that it's not over yet, because the objective is to have a viable
    business model. There's still a lot of work to be done to create an agricultural transition area and an employment pool.
    transition area and an employment pool.