Our vision

Embrace the Living era


To install a campus with international influence, in order to show and demonstrate French capacities to act for climate change effects mitigation and biodiversity protection.

Grignon: Embrace the Living Era
The Domaine de Grignon is a remarkable site, a "green lung" of the Île de France region , and mostly the living testimony of two centuries of agronomy.
The campus, with its buildings, its facilities, its forest and its farmlands, is a place of science, of knowledge, of transmission, a place with an unmatched potential for agriculture and biodiversity.
In continuity with the AgroParisTech community proposed recommandations, we keep the ambition to build a project with an international influence.

To face the climate drift, the ecological transition is everyone's responsibility. Our priority: to make Grignon a lighthouse of scientific, economic, social and citizen innovation.
Our pillars: Innovation, Mediation, Training

To limit the greenhouse gaz emissions and the impact on biodiversity, we'll foster high tech or low tech useful and efficient techniques to secure our food sovereignty;

To respect the great international agreements and to implement the principles of bioeconomy, we'll stay grounded. Grignon will be a place where we test, show and demonstrate the relevance of the chosen techniques. The climate drift and the biodiversity crisis are sources of uncertainty for the future of our societies. We want to develop excellent trainings and to open fields of application to share the best of farm and forest land management. The professionnals of living will work there in concert with Paris-Saclay University.

An international center serving the ecological planning

Transmission, exchanges and mediation are the key values to go forward. A playful and educational runaround will allow local people to appropriate their food and to discover the agricultures without prejudices. We'll offer a place where everyone can learn from everyone.

In Grignon, the professionals, the civil society and the public authorities will meet to set common objectives and to agree on the means to be implemented. This international center will serve the ecological planning likely to ensure our food while respecting our environment.