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Report on our Annual General Meeting and November 11th Ceremony

15 November 2023 Association
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A look back at our Annual General Meeting and tribute ceremony on November 11 in Grignon.

We'd like to extend our warmest thanks to all the participants who came out to chat with us. We were delighted to be able to discuss recent project developments and future prospects for the estate, answering your many questions. Many thanks to the Mairie de Thiverval-Grignon and its MayorNadine Gohard for making this possible. Thanks also to all those who connected via Zoom.

We would also like to thank our various patrons, members and donors, without whom we could not have got this far, and in particular our co-chairman Hervé Lecesne, whose financial risks over the past five years have enabled us to continue in peace.

At the start of the AGM, we paid tribute, as we do every year, to the former students of Grignon, Paris, Algiers and Tunis who died for France. Many thanks to the Société Hippique de Grignon, AgroParisTech Alumni,AGRIA and the Mairie de Thiverval-Grignon, with whom we co-organized this ceremony.

The morning concluded with a luncheon organized by the SHG. We'd like to congratulate all the volunteers who made it possible to organize this convivial moment in the company of around a hundred participants, all united around a shared passion for Grignon.

We won't give up, and we assure you of our determination to see our project through to a successful conclusion. We'll keep you informed of developments in the project as we've outlined them, and we'll give our members the opportunity to consult all our work. Many thanks to all of you for your unfailing support!

PS: We'd like to take this opportunity to salute Philippe Guérin (last photo next to the k-vô), former director of INA P-G from 1996 to 2002, and one of the people behind the construction of the Olmer residences and the creation of the k-vô under the château, with whom we were able to chat during and after the AGM.