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The commune of Thiverval-Grignon reaffirms its support for our project!

31 December 2023 Press releases
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On December 6, 2023, the Thiverval-Grignon Town Council unanimously passed a motion concerning the future of the Domaine de Grignon and reaffirmed its support for the project led by our Grignon 2000 association.

We would like to welcome this motion and thank the Mayor of Thiverval-Grignon, Nadine Gohard, and the entire Municipal Council, for their unfailing support over many years for our ambitious project for the Domaine de Grignon.

The full text of the motion :

"Madame Mayor proposes to ratify the Municipality's position on the future of the

Domaine de Grignon, by adopting a motion, as follows:

The Municipality of the commune of THIVERVAL-GRIGNON, as a whole, hereby formulates

its position on the future of the Domaine de Grignon and will only accept a project

of general interest related to agronomy and environmental protection.

Economic development linked to agriculture and its innovations must be based on

the "laboratory" zone.

Tourism development via a prestigious hotel business should be located on the Château.

and its outbuildings.

Student residences can be reused for other target groups (housing, etc.).

for farm workers, FJT or others).

In general, the conservation and reuse of existing built heritage is a priority for the

priority, as opposed to a large-scale real estate project on the site, unacceptable in terms of

and not in compliance with the PLU.

The wooded areas, as well as the agricultural land currently farmed by the Ferme

and the territorial continuity of our municipality re-established by

the reopening of the pedestrian passage from Grignon to Thiverval and vice versa.

The Municipality supports the project led by the GRIGNON 2000 association and its members.

investors and is in favor of an emphyteutic lease between the State, the owner and

the project owner.

This project is also supported by environmental protection associations, and it is

congruent with the strong identity conveyed by the GRIGNON brand that identifies our village

as an inseparable part of a future project linked to tomorrow's agriculture and its innovations.

Having regard to the General Code of Local Authorities

Considering The need to clearly set out the Municipality's expectations in

the future of the Domaine de Grignon

The Municipal Council, having deliberated, unanimously (15 votes)

Article 1: APPROVES the motion above unanimously adopted".