Our story

Chronology of the mobilisation

2022 : Let's build the International Center for Transitions !

This center boasts every asset to become a one-of-a-kind tool serving the ecological transition, a place of dialogue and coordination which reunites the actors of the three agricultural, food and environment sectors.

Summer 2021 : We refuse the dismantling solution adopted by the State

At the end of 2021 summer, the State chose the real estate developer ALTAREA-COGEDIM project. The mobilization organizes itself and, after 2 demonstrations and several legal recourses against this decision, the Yvelines prefect announces in November that the current procedure is cancelled and postponed after the 2022 elections.

2020 : The State put the domaine on sale, we propose a project.

The Cœur d'Yvelines community of communes and Grignon 2000 submit altogether an offer called "Grignon 2026", the result of a voluntarist approach of support searching among thousands of citizens, with or without agronomy training, among hundreds of companies and profesionals organisations, searchers and representatives, to strengthen this general and territorial interest project.

2016 : 100 000 people wants an international centre.

For five years, Grignon 2000 and the CFSG (Collective for Grignon Site's Future) have been building an advocacy for the creation of an international center dedicated to Agriculture, Food and Environment in Grignon. The objective: the site has to be at the disposal for a collective project, accessible for the public and become a true tool for the ecological transition.

Credit: CFSG